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Retrenched Lazada employees to get more payouts but some remain unhappy about differentiated packages

Contracts Law & Service Level Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals

In recent years, the corporate landscape, particularly within the tech sector, has seen a notable surge in layoffs, leading to a substantial rise in unemployment rates. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. Many tech companies had to significantly reduce their workforce after making significant investments during the pandemic, only to find that these investments did not yield the expected positive results as the world emerged from Covid lockdowns. The post-pandemic focus on AI has rendered many human positions redundant in pursuing greater operational efficiency.

Employees must be mindful of recession-resistant industries. Sectors such as healthcare, accommodation and food services, and retail trade have historically exhibited lower layoff rates. Exploring opportunities within these fields can significantly enhance job security during uncertain times.

Employers need to be well-informed about the appropriate questions to ask and the various options to consider before undertaking a layoff exercise. This ensures that the decision-making process is thorough and considers the workforce's well-being and the business's long-term prospects.


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