19 May 2022

Webinar - Discrimination at the Workplace

Workplace discrimination has become a buzzword in the media in recent years as unethical practices such as sexism, ageism, and racism in big organizations have been called out regularly online. Workplace discrimination can have detrimental effects on employees, especially on their mental health resulting in poor/unhealthy workplace dynamics, lower productivity, lack of unity and cohesiveness, and an overall lack of integration within the workforce. 

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Mr. Anil Singh

Established trainer, lecturer, and academic coach in the areas of Psychology, Counselling, and Sociology

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29 July 2022

Fraud Prevention & Corruption in Procurement

There will always be a fraud.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority." This statement rings true until this day. 

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Mr. Tommy Seah

Certified Fraud Examiner

ACFE Regent Emeritus


28-29 April 2022

Webinar - Human Factors & Personal Resilience 

The human factor in the system remains the largest risk to workplace safety. This risk presents the weakest link & highest contributor in the process flows leading to error. Error management is the practical application of Human Factors training. It provides the essential knowledge, tools, and a framework to enable organizations to understand the type of errors that are occurring and be able to manage the risk accordingly. This 2-Day course will help you gain an understanding of the underlying causes of human error and how to reduce its occurrence.


Mr. Timothy Taylor

Established Trainer and Tactical Advisor


26-27 May 2022

Webinar - Employment Law & Harassment at the Workplace

While many companies have HR professionals taking on people-management responsibilities, they do have to work together with other line managers in specific departments. The line managers may feel ill-equipped taking on more of what they see as traditional HR roles – such as dealing with poor staff performance and harassment at the workplace. The problem is compounded when there is little access to HR support or when there is little training and knowledge in employment law.

This 2-day workshop aims to equip line managers and/or supervisors with the relevant skills and know-how in engaging with employees whilst complying with the current employment laws. 


Ms Nadia Moynihan

Director of August Law Corporation


25-26 August 2022

Webinar - Essential Contract Law for Non-legal Professional 

Contracts are essential features of the business world and daily commerce. While good business contract helps to bring in profits, an even better one safeguards those hard-earned profits at the same time. This workshop will aid you in better understanding them and in better protecting your commercial interest. 


Ms Nadia Moynihan

Director of August Law 


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26 February 2021

Strategic Budgeting & Forecasting with Financial Modelling

By attending this course, you will be able to prepare a financial plan that reflects the strategic goals of an organization. 
You will develop skills which can be used in the decision-making process and the management of any project, and how control and manage costs in line with targets without affecting the core elements and maintaining performance.


Koh Lip Wee

Head of Finance of a large statutory board.

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16-17 June 2022

Webinar - The Importance
of a Tenancy Agreement 

Tenancy Agreement is important. It is vital to keep up the pace with the real estate market when it is undergoing rapid changes. Understanding these dynamics will gain you a deeper understanding of the related issues. 


Ms Nadia Moynihan

Director of August Law Corporation

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16-17 February 2022

Webinar - Investigative Interviewing Psychology & Profiling

Investigators still rely on their own conceptualizations to identify potential offenders, eyewitnesses' recount and suspect's confession in their decision making. it is in these human factors where psychology plays an important role. 

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Mr. Tommy Seah

Certified Fraud Examiner

ACFE Regent Emeritus