The course consists of 8 hours of facilitated learning, off line tasks and activities and 4 hours of non-mandatory learning support. It will introduce participants to a non-confrontational, ethical, and transparent approach, which allows information to be obtained and checked in a systematic manner. 

24 Nov, 1st, 8th & 15th Dec 2020

To err is human.  As people we WILL make mistakes.  Human Factors does not set out to eradicate human error.  Rather, by understanding the factors that impact human performance, Human Factors can help organisations to mitigate, as far as possible, the risk of errors and accidents occurring and improve safety overall.

2nd & 3rd December 2020

Contracts are essential features of the business world and daily commerce. While a good business contract helps to bring in profits, an even better one safeguards those hard-earned profits at the same time. This workshop will aid you in better understanding them and in better protecting your commercial interests.

8 January 2021

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