30 July 2021

Webinar - Decipher Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement is important. It is vital to keep up the pace with the real estate market when it is undergoing rapid changes. Understanding these dynamics will gain you a deeper understanding of the related issues. 


Mr. Patrick Tan

Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation

6th,13th,20th,27th April 2021

Webinar - Effective Workplace Investigation

This course will introduce the participant to key techniques and procedures to help ensure that the process of investigation is undertaken in a fair and unbiased manner.

Based on the highly successful programme that has been delivered live across 4 continents and now specifically adapted for online presentation. This programme features four 2-hours live weekly sessions complemented by weekly non mandatory support sessions video and audio resources, group discussions and offline activities.

bob pointer.jpeg

Mr. Bob Pointer

Investigator & Educator

16 April 2021

Webinar - Credit Control & Debt Recovery

The current economic slowdown has made it even more important for organisations to take steps to minimize & effectively recover the debt. This intensive course is designed to bring you the very best debt recovery strategies in order to tackle the challenges of successful receivables management. 


Mr. Patrick Tan

Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation

30 June 2021

Webinar - Practical Employment Law for the Workplace.

There is,in many companies, already a culture of line manager’s working closely with HR while taking on people management responsibilities.

However, it was also clear that line managers feel vulnerable about taking on more of what they see as traditional aspects of the HR role such as dealing with poor staff performance and harassment at the workplace without direct access to HR support and additional training and knowledge in areas of Employment Law


Mr. Patrick Tan

Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation

19 March 2021

Webinar - Advanced Contract Law Course

This Is the continuation of the basic course Essential Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals. 

At this half-day advance course, we will focus our discussion on specific areas of contract law and deepen our understanding of key principles. For example, we will study in-depth the rules related to contractual interpretation and what the Parol Evidence and Contra Proferentum rules are.


Mr. Patrick Tan

Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation

8 January 2021

Webinar - Essential Contract Law for Non-legal Professional 

Contracts are essential features of the business world and daily commerce. While good business contract helps to bring in profits, an even better one safeguards those hard-earned profits at the same time. This workshop will aid you in better understanding them and in better protecting your commercial interest. 


Mr. Patrick Tan

Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation

20-21, 28 May 2021

Webinar - Fraud Prevention & Corruption in Procurement

There will always be a fraud.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority." This statement rings true until this day. 

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Mr. Tommy Seah

Certified Fraud Examiner

ACFE Regent Emeritus

26 February 2021

Strategic Budgeting & Forecasting with Financial Modelling

By attending this course, you will be able to prepare a financial plan that reflects the strategic goals of an organization. 
You will develop skills which can be used in the decision-making process and the management of any project, and how control and manage costs in line with targets without affecting the core elements and maintaining performance.


Koh Lip Wee

Head of Finance of a large statutory board.

24 Nov 2020
1st, 8th,15th Dec 2020

Webinar - Effective Investigative Conversation

The course consists of 8 hours of facilitated learning, offline tasks and activities and 4 hours of non-mandatory learning support. It will introduce participants to a non-confrontational, ethical and transparent approach, which allows information to be obtained and checked in a systematic manner. 


Mr. Bob Pointer

Investigator & Educator