Contracts are essential features of the business world and daily commerce. While a good business contract helps to bring in profits, an even better one safeguards those hard-earned profits at the same time. This workshop will aid you in better understanding them and in better protecting your commercial interests.

22 May 2020

Minute writing poses a great challenge to many writers. It is not simply recording what has been said in the boardroom or summarizing the key points. It is about making the narrative cogent yet simple. Making facts factual yet not offending any member. It is about understanding the nuances and appreciating the various dispositions. This workshop will empower you with the knowledge of avoiding common errors and blind spots, and teach you to take notes that are clear and concise.

26-27 May 2020

There is, in many companies, already a culture of line managers working closely with HR while taking on people management responsibilities. However, it was also clear that line managers feel vulnerable about taking on more of what they see as traditional aspects of the HR-role - such as dealing with poor staff performance and harassment at the workplace without direct access to HR support and additional training and knowledge in areas of Employment law.

19 June 2020

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