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Court finds employee wrongfully dismissed due to pregnancy, awards S$122,000 in damages.

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Employers in Singapore must comply with the law that forbids them from terminating an employee's employment contract due to pregnancy. This kind of action is considered discrimination and a violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Pregnant employees are entitled to maternity leave and other protections under Singapore's employment laws. If an employer wrongfully dismisses an employee because of pregnancy, the employee can seek help from the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management or take legal action against the employer.

Singapore possesses a robust legal structure regarding wrongful termination cases, aiming to guarantee equitable and lawful treatment for employees and employers. Suppose you believe your employer has wrongfully dismissed you due to pregnancy. In that case, you should immediately gather any evidence or documentation related to your dismissal, such as emails, letters, or witness statements. Seeking legal advice from organizations like the Ministry of Manpower or a lawyer should be considered. Taking prompt action is crucial because employees must submit their claims within certain time limits: one month from their last day of employment or two months from childbirth if they were wrongfully dismissed during pregnancy.

Recent news has reported that Mr. Coconut has been accused of similar conduct. If you're facing a similar issue in your organization, we recommend speaking with our legal expert to understand how to handle these situations better and assert your rights.



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