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Ex-insurance agent suing Prudential for wrongful termination after working there for 19 years

Contracts Law & Service Level Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals

The amendments to the Employment Act in April 2019 extended protection against wrongful dismissal to all employees, regardless of their salary. Previously, only those earning less than S$4,500 were entitled to this protection. Consequently, executives at the highest levels can now seek recourse against wrongful termination.

However, navigating contractual positions, especially in the insurance or property industries with commission-based structures, can be intricate. While employers aren't obligated by law to furnish reasons for termination, dismissing an employee without prior notice for underperformance could constitute wrongful dismissal if adequate justification is absent.

Moreover, "forced resignation" also falls within the purview of wrongful dismissal. If resolving such matters poses difficulties, have you explored seeking mediation through qualified professionals? This avenue could help to resolve the issue fairly and amicably.



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