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Human Factors And Personal Resilience

Human Factors and Personal Resilience

The workplace often presents many challenges that can produce a stressful environment that can test an individual’s tenacity. What’s interesting is that some individuals are able to handle these challenges well. Some even find success in them. So what is it about these people that help them rise above these challenges and what prevents them from being affected when things are not going their way? The answer is personal resilience.


Personal resilience refers to how a person effectively deals with hardships in their life. It can be described as how one can continue with a task even in the midst of adversity or how one is able to find success after going through a difficult period. 


Some human factors and personal resilience traits that these individuals share are the ability to remain calm under pressure, the ability to solve problems, a level of self-efficacy, realistic optimism and self awareness. More importantly, they have a growth mindset, in which they are motivated and are driven to look for opportunities.


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