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At REL Alliance, we take pride in being a versatile and dynamic firm that provides comprehensive, one-stop solutions to corporate and private clients.

The establishment has its roots in Singapore and was founded in 2016 with a vision to become a leading capability training provider in Asia. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled us to offer a broad range of services, including comprehensive training solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

We also work hand in hand with partners that can provide you with corporate financial services and legal solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to synergistically monetize user-centric mindshare while continuing to seamlessly productize best practice resources while encouraging personal employee growth.

Our Value

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Our Mission

We will work concertedly to collaboratively negotiate prospective opportunities to allow us to continue to efficiently promote leading-edge services to meet our customer's needs.


Training for medical professionals

Training Solutions

At REL Alliance, we recognize that a well-prepared workforce forms the bedrock of corporate success. Our portfolio comprises bespoke training solutions designed to empower employees with the skills and knowledge essential for achieving excellence. Whether it's orientation programs, leadership development, or specialized skill enhancement, we stand ready to meet your training requirements. While our generic programs are developed to meet the needs of a broad range of users, we also offer customized programs designed to meet a particular organization's specific requirements.

Discussing the Numbers

Corporate Financial Solutions

In today's fast-paced business environment, financial strategy is key to success. We partner with financial experts who can provide corporate financial solutions to help your business thrive. From financial planning and analysis to risk management, we offer the financial expertise your company needs.


Legal Solutions

Legal guidance, compliance, and risk management are crucial for any business. REL Alliance's strategic partnership with dedicated legal professionals enables you to obtain expert legal assistance and services. This includes reviewing contracts (business or employment contracts, service level agreements, leasing/tenancy agreements), dispute resolution (claims in debt recovery, default in performance of services, employment matters), or consultation or advice on regulatory compliance. 

Why Choose REL Alliance

  • Comprehensive Solutions: We offer an all-encompassing suite of services to meet your diverse corporate needs.

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team/partner comprises experienced and qualified experts in their respective fields, ensuring you receive the best guidance and support.

  • Client-Centric Approach: We are committed to understanding your unique requirements and tailoring our services to suit your business goals.

  • Confidentiality: Your data and information are handled with the utmost discretion and security.

  • Proven Results: REL Alliance has a track record of delivering tangible results and driving growth for our clients.

At REL Alliance, we believe in forging enduring partnerships with our clients. Whether you are a small startup, a well-established corporation, or a private individual, we are here to help you succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Tommy Seah - Rel-Alliance

Tommy Seah

Tommy is a person you want to meet. He has trained and coached more than 10,000 management staff and some of the top CFOs, CEOs, CIOs, and COOs in MNCs, banks, and...

Nadia Movnihan - rel-alliance

Nadia Moynihan

Nadia is the Director of August Law Corporation.  She is also on the panel of lawyers of a number of embassies in Singapore. Her practice represents a broad cross-section of the kind of legal...

Tim.Tomothay Graham Taylor - Rel-Alliance

Timothy Graham Taylor

With over 30 years of experience as a police officer, trainer and tactical advisor, Timothy Taylor has a range of specialist knowledge, including conflict management, assessing...

Our Trainers
Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the non-public and personal information of our customers, employees, and business partners:


  • we commit to satisfy applicable requirements related to information security;


  • we commit to the continual improvement of our information security management system.


Information gathered by REL Alliance, necessary to carry out the training of our customers, is used solely for the purposes of performing the training and shared only with those authorities, bodies, or agencies who require this information to issue certification essential to the training:


  • we will never ask for more information of personal nature than strictly needed to perform the customer’s training;


  • no profiling is done based on provided information;


  • no automated decision making is done based on personal data;


  • we will never pass on personal information to third parties unless we are legally required to do so;


  • personal information is never sold or used for commercial purposes;


  • we abide by the privacy laws in effect in the countries in which we conduct business;


  • customers receive an information privacy notice at first contact;


  • our employees are expressly instructed to not disclose any information of personal nature they obtain during their work to any outside parties, and sanctions may apply if this instruction is broken;


We implement and maintain strict protection protocols in data communication.


REL Alliance is a quality-oriented company committed to fighting against corruption, bribery, and fraud activities. It is our policy to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations governing anti-bribery and Prevention of Corruption.


This policy applies to individual employees, agents, suppliers, consultants, or any other people or bodies associated with REL Alliance or any of its subsidiaries and employees.


A “Bribe” is anything that has value and is given to influence a decision to give a business advantage to the offeror, whether this is REL Alliance or an entity seeking to do business with REL Alliance. Bribes do not just involve cash payments. Lavish gifts, expensive dinners or wine, tickets to sporting events, and jewelry or gems have all been found to be bribes.


To achieve our commitment, we expect compliance with the following code of conduct from all our clients, associates, business partners, and suppliers:


  • Never engage in any form of bribery, either directly or through any third party.

  • Never offer or make an improper payment or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.

  • Never attempt to induce an individual, or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly.

  • Never offer, or accept, money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks, or commissions, in connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract.

  • Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee or government official or representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favor.

  • Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be expected or implied.

  • Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service that one would not normally be entitled to.

  • Never disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.

  • Never induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.


This policy does not prohibit the following practices:

  • Normal and appropriate hospitality (given or received) It is limited to only promotional business gifts, such as calendars, diaries, pens, and invitations to REL Alliance organized sports or social causes.

  • The giving of a ceremonial gift at a festival or a Special Occasion. Gifts are accepted and

       distributed on special occasions only and are to remain modest and reasonable.


We expect cooperation from all the staff to adhere to this anti-corruption policy. Any employee, supplier, or affiliate can report the non-compliance of any bribery and corruption activities in the organization to management. Suitable action will be taken against the employees, agents, or suppliers found involved in any kind of corruption activities.

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions represent an integral part of a contract between REL Alliance and the client who submits the registration and without any doubt, uncertainty and accepts all the following terms and conditions:


Course Registration

  1. We take all registration as confirmed (regardless of the mode of submission (e-form or through sales personnel) and we do not allow any withdrawal of registration at your discretion.

  2. By completing the registration form for a particular Seminar, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms”) and they will be incorporated into the contract between us (“Contract”). You will ensure that your employees, colleagues, and any other person (including yourself) attending the Seminar shall comply with these Terms.

  3. The Contract is formed once you have been successfully enrolled for the course and an invoice is generated.  

  4. There will be strictly NO CANCELLATION once the participant is successfully enrolled in the course.



Payment Terms

  1. REL Alliance  (hereinafter only “REL Alliance”) requires the full payment of the invoiced amount within 14 days from the invoice issue date. In the event your internal policy does not allow 2-week payment terms, you may request from the sales manager for an individual exception. Exceptions need to be made in writing, by email.


Cancellation by the Client & Refund Policy

  1. The client has the right to cancel participation in a particular event he/she has enrolled

      in. Cancellation must be received by REL Alliance in writing, by email.​


  2. Depending on the time before the event date, the following terms apply:

  • Less than one month – REL Alliance shall not be obliged to refund any of the invoiced amounts.

  • One month or more – REL Alliance shall be entitled to retain and charge 50% of the total invoiced amount.

  • Failure to attend the event does not mean the client shall be entitled to a refund or a discount.

  • The client’s failure to attend the event does not cancel, decrease or in any way waive the client’s obligation to fully pay the fee invoiced to the client by REL Alliance.

  • The client can defer to another event held within one year of the original course date. Deferment is valid for once and subject to availability.  

  • REL Alliance reserves the right to bring suits, claims, and actions against clients who disoblige and or violate these Terms and Conditions without prior notice or infringe the rights of others.



Cancellation by REL Alliance & Refund Policy

  1. In the event of event cancellation, a full refund will be refunded back to the payee.

  2. In the event of a course postponement and the attendee(s) is unable to attend the rescheduled session, he/she may opt to attend the next session or request a refund.

  3. ​If the registered attendee(s) were unable to attend due to personal reasons, he/she can find a replacement to attend on their behalf or opt to attend the next session. There will be no refund for this.

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