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Harassment At The Workplace

Educate Your Employees on Harassment at the Workplace

Harassment at the workplace is a common occurrence. While this is a major problem, another huge problem is that harassment at the workplace is something that is not openly talked about. Most employers and employees are not even aware of what constitutes harassment at the workplace, hence, most cases go unreported or unnoticed. But if an employee is aware that they are being harassed and reports it, it can have major consequences that can directly affect the employer and the business. Harassment at the workplace can lead to increased absenteeism, high employee turnover, loss of morale and lawsuits, which can cost the company hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars. 


The best way to avoid such problems is to educate your staff. Here at REL Alliance, we offer services that educate you and your employees on harassment at the workplace. Based in Singapore, we offer courses and programmes to help business professionals gain skills and stay ahead of the curve in their respective sectors.

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