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Effective Investigation Conversations

Evaluate Truth and Credibility with An Effective Investigative Conversations Course

Do you want to raise awareness on how human behaviour can assist in building productive credible business relationships? Do you want to effectively identify and deal with individuals who’s behaviour has or could compromise the organisation? This is what you will learn when you take an effective investigation conversations couse with REL Alliance in Singapore. 


Our effective investigative conversations course is a 2-day learning session where you will explore two distinct but interconnected aspects of business during the session. This is a great learning opportunity for those in HR, Compliance, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Security Professionals and more. 


The program has been designed so the two elements of the programme can be taken as independent days or together as a complete 2-day course.


If you want to learn more about our effective investigation conversations course, contact us today or learn more at

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