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Jail for company director who was acquitted, then convicted of molesting work subordinate

Misconduct and harassment in the workplace are more prevalent than most would imagine them to be.
Victims might choose to remain silent due to certain factors like the feeling of shame, job security, or spousal relationship stability.
Some organizations might not have the best investigative practices in place to deal with such matters and might subject the victim to further stress or mental torment.
Whilst no specific law in Singapore deals with sexual harassment in the workplace; victims are protected under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) 2014.
REL Alliance recently concluded a customized in-house training for a few of the top luxury brands in the world and we can affirm that such misconduct truly exists.
Victims might likely choose to confide with their closest friend, colleague, or significant other and take advice from there before deciding on the next steps.
Your proper advice may go a long way but please do consider more angles and also the feelings of the victim if you were in the same situation.
Think about this, if your friend, colleague, or significant other confides in you after experiencing such acts, what would your advice be?

REL Alliance is pleased to present a 2-day webinar on Dealing with Employee Misconduct, Grievances & Employment Act Compliance.

Speak to our legal expert and understand how to help your organization better understand the appropriate way in dealing with such issues.


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