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Former nurse arrested; allegedly used bank card details of patients to make more than S$12,000 in transactions

Updated: Feb 6

Employee Misconduct, Grievances & Employment Act

Organizations may face the consequences of employee misconduct, which can damage the reputation of the entire institution. Misconduct, such as theft, fraud, harassment, and inappropriate behavior, can impact even the most respected employers. It is crucial to address employee misconduct to create a safe, inclusive workplace and promote an ethical organizational culture.


To reduce the risk of misconduct and repeated violations, employees must understand what is expected of them, the performance standards they must maintain, and how their behavior and performance should align with the company's objectives and values.

An excellent way to start is by clearly communicating expectations and policies regarding behavior standards, misconduct, and disciplinary measures in the employee handbook. Timely resolution of misconduct issues is essential to safeguard employees, promote teamwork, uphold best practices, and avoid legal complications.


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