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Acquiring Vital Legal Skills in Contract Law and Service Level Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals

Contracts and Service Level Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals

Contracts are part of everyday life. Everything from buying groceries to closing on a house involves a contract. However, the term contract has a broader meaning than the modern interpretation. While some contracts are formal, others are implied and unwritten. Knowing the difference is critical to navigating business, employment, and social life. Contracts constantly vary in length, terms, and complexity.
But for an agreement to be legally valid and enforceable, several elements must be fulfilled: legality, capacity, offer, consideration, intention, certainty, and acceptance. When all elements are met, simple, informal agreements become legally binding contracts. And if one component isn’t completed, the contract may become unenforceable.
While a legal professional can easily understand the above, how does a non-legally trained professional perceive their terms and legality? This standalone two-day course aids Non-Legal professionals in better understanding the fundamentals and in-depth interpretation of a good business contract.
In business, service level agreements (SLAs) are crucial. SLAs ensure that both parties clearly understand expectations, accountability, and responsibility, which minimizes conflict and manages risk. By improving service quality, SLAs increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This standalone one-day course will cover the importance of SLAs, their benefits and advantages, and the essential parts of implementing and managing them effectively over time.
You can acquire valuable skills and foundational knowledge regarding contractual principles and interpretation by attending these workshops. These principles can be applied to enhance your understanding of service-level agreements.


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