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Raffles Town Club site to be redeveloped into homes after lease expires in Oct 2026: SLA, URA

Updated: Jan 5

Raffles Town Club, a prominent private establishment in Singapore, recently faced a legal challenge highlighting the importance of fulfilling commitments and maintaining trust with members.

In the lawsuit, a group of members alleged that the club had breached its promise of exclusivity by admitting significantly more members than its stated limit. The court ruled in favor of the members, and the club was required to compensate each affected member.

This incident underscores the importance of fulfilling commitments and being transparent with members. Private institutions like Raffles Town Club rely on the trust and loyalty of their members, and any breach of that trust can have serious consequences.

This is not the first time Raffles Town Club has faced legal issues. In the past, a prominent individual was involved in a legal dispute with the club over membership fees. These incidents and the recent lawsuit highlight the need for private institutions to be vigilant in addressing legal and reputational challenges.

Discontent among some members can also pose a challenge for private institutions. While it is impossible to please everyone, institutions must listen to feedback and address concerns promptly and transparently.

The challenges experienced serve as a reminder of the imperative to fulfill commitments, uphold trust with members, and recognize the seriousness of breaching a contract, encompassing various consequences. Private institutions must stay vigilant in addressing legal and reputational challenges while being responsive to member concerns, ensuring the enduring success of their organizations, and maintaining a positive reputation within their member community and the broader public.


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