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$6m worth of milk powder, goods allegedly stolen by ex-KTPH employee

Employee Misconduct & Grievances

Employers commonly endeavor to recruit employees who are competent and responsible. However, some employees may fail to meet acceptable work standards or display detrimental behavior toward the organization.

Responding to allegations of #grossmisconduct and taking disciplinary action against an employee poses considerable legal risk.

While it is instinctive to terminate an employee's contract immediately due to gross misconduct, such an action can expose the organization to tribunal claims for unfair dismissal. In all cases of gross misconduct, employers must ensure they adhere to a fair and lawful procedure in compliance with the Singapore Employment Act.

Having effective #disciplinary procedures and a clear policy can aid employers in dealing with unacceptable or improper behavior in the workplace impartially and lawfully while mitigating the probability of #grievances and tribunal claims.

What amounts to gross misconduct in the workplace is a common query frequently raised, as it varies from company to company, depending on the nature of the business and industry.

Are you tempted to dismiss an employee straightaway but uncertain about the legal implications? It would be prudent to seek consultation from experts.


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