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Ex-NTU student leader apologises for alcohol-related incident involving female junior

Workplace Misconduct & Grievances
As an employer, you will inevitably face situations where employees fail to meet performance standards, violate company rules, or engage in serious misconduct. To ensure that these challenges are addressed in a manner that is both fair and consistent, disciplinary and grievance procedures are implemented.

Consequently, a thorough investigation must be conducted into any allegations of employee misconduct or grievance unless the situation is beyond reasonable doubt. The inquiry must be perceived as equitable, unbiased, and exhaustive, as a failure to do so could result in an unfair dismissal. Therefore, every organization needs to have a clear policy and grievance procedure in place to deal with such incidents efficiently.

All employees have the right to raise grievances, and as an employer, it is crucial to investigate every complaint, even though it is not legally required. This practice demonstrates the organization's commitment to providing employees a fair and safe working environment.

Finally, it is important to remember that an employee cannot be dismissed for raising a grievance about you or the company, as it is a protected right.

Respecting this right and handling the situation with professionalism and expertise is imperative.

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