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The civil trial against Hin Leong founder O.K. Lim and his two children start

It is unfortunate but true that members of a company's management team are often found to be involved in #fraudulent activities. Financial statement fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of white-collar crime committed by senior management. This type of fraud involves deceiving others by presenting a company as more financially stable than it truly is, with motives ranging from gaining performance-based compensation to keeping their leadership position.

The effects of #financialstatement fraud can be severe and far-reaching. By overemphasizing a company's financial position, senior management can attract investors, secure bank loans, and justify high salaries and bonuses. However, the truth will eventually be revealed, and the consequences can be disastrous. The recent #HinLeong, Mr. OK Lim case is a prime example of a financial statement #fraud plot deceiving investors, creditors, and company employees.

At our organization, we believe that knowledge is power, and our course aims to provide valuable insights and information on financial statement fraud. We have carefully selected various case studies to demonstrate the different aspects of this type of #fraud.

We will present a comprehensive course on #FinancialStatementFraud that spans an entire day on the 27 of October, 2023. With Mr. Tommy Seah, you will gain valuable knowledge and warning signs from an #ACFE Regent Emeritus.

Keep abreast of #financialstatement red flags and best investigative practices that are absolutely critical for professionals to be aware of.


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