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Dealing with Employee Misconduct, Grievances & Employment Act Compliance

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

In the modern workplace, instances of workplace misconduct and grievances are prevalent. Matters which were once unspoken of have now become a much-discussed topic in today's work culture. To assist HR leadership in better preparing leaders, employees, and other stakeholders with the necessary tools to address workplace misconduct, unprofessional practices, and other grievances, organizations must consistently review and adapt their policies and protocols to ensure they align with the organization's needs and comply with the Singapore Employment Act.

As a business leader and employer, you must understand that you have obligations when recruiting, supervising, or dismissing employees. Are you aware if the actions you will take or the hiring contract provisions align with the Singapore Employment Act?

Therefore, this course is beneficial in creating awareness amongst both employers and employees regarding their roles in establishing an inclusive workplace and the measures that can be taken to handle workplace misconduct and grievances just and effectively.


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