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Workplace buzzwords to take seriously - and those to ignore

COVID-19 has turned tides like no other workplaces have witnessed before.
Popular notations like "The Great Resignation", "Quiet Quitting", Sundays Scaries & Bare Minimum Mondays to name a few.

It has caused resentment to the surface like no other due to a talent shortage from reshuffles during the pandemic thus leading to employees obtaining more benefits.

The other side of the coin post-pandemics has reared its true face, mass layoffs & recessions that have escalated workplace grievances & misconduct.

As an employer, it is best to handle such matters in an amicable and supportive way to avoid unnecessary escalation and negative feelings. The appropriate handling procedures also allow you to identify and address unacceptable or unlawful practices quickly while complying with the Singapore Employment Act.

Employee grievances may or may not be justified. However, they need to be tackled adequately by the leadership team because they not only lower the motivation and performance of the employee but also affect the work environment. Employee grievances if left unchecked can lead to large disputes within the company. It can also drop the motivation levels of other employees.

REL Alliance is pleased to present a 2 days webinar on Dealing with Employee Misconduct, Grievances & Employment Act Compliance ( Speak to our legal expert, Ms. Nadia, and understand how to help your organization better understand the appropriate way in dealing with such issues.


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