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New study by NTUC and Tsao Foundation finds gap in training for mature workers

ESG Strategy, Communications, and Reporting

Training lays the groundwork for employees to perform their roles effectively and efficiently, forming an essential organizational foundation. Resilient companies prioritize keeping their workforce informed about the latest company updates, industry trends, and best practices relevant to their positions.

While many employers avoid hiring under-skilled workers, there's often hesitation in investing in continuous training for existing skilled employees. As workplace technologies and processes evolve, the absence of robust training programs leads to skilled workers falling behind. Employee training can be conducted through various mediums, including corporate e-learning, virtual learning, in-person classroom sessions, group workshops, or a combination of these methods.

REL Alliance offers comprehensive customized training solutions, including webinars, in-person seminars, and tailored in-house programs delivered by industry-leading experts. We understand that each industry has unique needs and customize our offerings accordingly to meet those requirements.

Does your organization currently have a structured training plan for your employees?


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