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Man jailed 7 months for duping company into paying inflated prices for almost 7 years

Updated: Jun 6

Fraud Prevention & Corruption in Procurement
During economic crises or downturns, financial institutions often uncover #fraud cases as hidden issues come to light.

However, insider fraud is different as it is driven by personal gain or economic pressures. Insider fraud can occur in any industry, including #ecommerce, #finance, #banking, charities, #healthcare, #research, and IT.

Organizations with loyal and hardworking employees may be surprised to learn that they could fall victim to deceitful insiders committing fraud. These #fraudsters are challenging to detect as they gradually manipulate data during their regular duties, and their motives are not always apparent, making it even more difficult to identify them.

Nevertheless, these fraudsters usually need external help from third parties, so it is crucial to recognize and detect warning signs early.

While digitization and transaction transparency can be effective in preventing #financialfraud, However, what happens if these prevention measures are not directed toward the correct fraud vector?


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