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Prime Minister’s Office: Ex-director in research department charged with corruption

Organizations, both private businesses and #government agencies, have been at risk of #procurement fraud for a long time. This type of #fraud can result in organizations losing substantial amounts of money due to inflated fees, substandard materials, and other #fraudulent activities.

#Procurementfraud can be challenging to detect for several reasons, making it a difficult problem for #auditors or #investigators in government agencies and global companies to combat. Part of the scheme may not be recorded, making it not immediately apparent. Furthermore, bad actors usually make concerted efforts to conceal wrongdoing or red flags, such as personal relationships or shared interests.

To effectively investigate and detect procurement fraud, it is crucial to comprehend what the #redflags are. Many companies switch to digitizing their accounts payable because of procurement risks. Procurement controls are necessary to prevent fraud. If you believe your company is exempt from these issues, reconsider that notion.

Join us in August to gain valuable insights from Mr. Tommy Seah, the esteemed ACFE Regent Emeritus, representing the most renowned and extensive Fraud Examination Body globally. You'll learn to identify potential red flags and adopt best practices in the field of investigation.



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