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A year’s jail for the director of the firm who molested a subordinate and blamed the way she dressed

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Misconduct and grievances in the workplace almost always come hand in hand.

Contrary to popular beliefs, more and more people have become accustomed to speaking out and fighting for what they believe is right.

In Asian culture, most mindsets used to be a bit more submissive or conservative but they have evolved since then. Misconducts & grievances that used to be tolerated and silenced are no longer acceptable now.

The #MeToo movement proved this with widespread global media coverage and discussion of sexual harassment, particularly in Hollywood, which led to high-profile terminations from positions held, as well as criticism and backlash.

It’s never nice to have to deal with workplace misconduct & grievances. Whatever the cause, and wherever the blame may lie, at the minimum it means that someone within your company is unhappy. And that is not a productive situation in the workplace.

Following good protocols set in place will help you resolve the conflict and respond to any problems as quickly and simply as possible.

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