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Two men charged over alleged GST-related fraud linked to around $55m in fictitious sales

Financial Statemetn Fraud
The issue of tax evasion and fraud is a significant concern in the world of business. Such illicit activities can lead to investors being misled into investing in a company that may not have the financial stability they believed it did. Several high-profile accounting #fraud cases, such as Lehman Brothers and Bernie Madoff, have demonstrated the potential severity of the consequences of such criminal activities.

As the global COVID-19 health crisis continues to unfold, there is a growing likelihood that fraud cases will increase, and #financialstatementfraud is a particularly high-stakes issue. When investors and creditors suffer losses due to fraud, the effects can be profound, potentially leading to job losses, low morale, and a loss of trust in the company.
Despite the challenges in identifying warning signs, #financialanalysis techniques can assist #investigators in uncovering and analyzing unexpected relationships in financial information.

Our upcoming course on Financial Statement Fraud will provide valuable knowledge of the widely recognized techniques #fraudsters use, including the notorious OK Lim methods.
During the course, participants will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of financial fraud and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

The OK Lim techniques have gained notoriety for their effectiveness, making understanding and recognizing them crucial. Join us to strengthen your knowledge of this critical topic and safeguard your organization against financial statement fraud.


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