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A former paint company employee who underreports sales figures to pocket over S$20,000

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A former paint company employee who left S’pore after underreporting sales figures to pocket over S$20,000
Have you ever had to deal with the dismissal of an employee at the workplace?

If the employee termination is due to misconduct, there needs to be an inquiry before taking any action. Misconduct includes employment contract breaches, gross misconduct, and absence from work for more than two working days without approval.

Singapore's Employment Act is the principal statute governing job termination. Every employment contract must contain a termination clause setting out the rights, duties, obligations, and responsibilities regarding the termination of employment of both employers and employees.

Following the Employment Act, the employer cannot suspend an employee from work for longer than a week during an inquiry. Otherwise, they will need approval from the Commissioner for Labour. The employer should pay the employee at least half of their salary during the suspension.

Corporate fraud, bribery, and espionage spring to mind when people think about whistleblowing. It’s often what we hear about in the media or see in the movies.
In reality, there are many types of workplace misconduct. But knowing what these are isn’t easy. So guide employees by writing examples in your whistleblowing policy.

Given a more litigious modern workforce, employers should be prepared that their decision to discipline or dismiss an employee would almost certainly be challenged.

Find out from our course offering and see how we can help your organization with the knowledge to prevent, deter and deal with such employment issues.


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