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More Asia-Pacific firms tie top executives’ pay to ESG goals, says report

ESG Strategy, Communications, and Reporting

ESG factors are increasingly crucial in today's business environment. While optional in some sectors, many companies voluntarily disclose ESG information in their annual or sustainability reports to inform investors and the public about their efforts in these areas.

However, the multitude of metrics available for assessing ESG impact can be daunting, complicating the identification of improvement areas. To gain support from executives and impress ESG stakeholders, leaders must leverage ESG metrics to build a compelling business case for their company's performance, supported by data-driven narratives.

REL Alliance is pleased to present a two-day ESG Strategy, Communications, and Reporting seminar led by renowned expert Ms. Natasha. This seminar will provide participants the tools to develop a cohesive strategy, effectively communicate it, and report on performance. We invite you to join this exceptional opportunity to deepen your understanding of ESG.


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