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American extradited to Singapore, charged over S$18 million fraud investment scheme

Fraud and misconduct seriously undermine an organizational reputation & damage the overage workforce morale. That is why experienced business leaders work to ensure that they have effective approaches to mitigating these risks.

When it comes to fraud investigation, this can be a very delicate matter. Whilst there is a temptation to try to maintain a ring of secrecy around embarrassing fraud events, if the organization is serious about recouping financial losses or seeing the fraudster punished, the involvement of professionals should be seriously considered and deterred recurrences.

The first step to preventing fraud is understanding the areas where your organization is vulnerable. Conducting an in-depth risk assessment will help you analyze the risks that your company faces based on its unique complexity, scale, products, and market exposure. Risk assessment looks at all types of risk, how likely they are to happen, and the cost involved with each one.

Organizations need to tackle these incidents strategically and will benefit from being proactive rather than reactive, by preventing fraud before it can succeed.

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