Writing Minutes of Meetings

Date: 13-14 July 2020

Time : 14:00 – 17:00


                             Dr Sunny Goh


DR Sunny Goh is a writing coach specialising in the fields of report, email, minutes, policy and approval writing. He is currently a Trainer of Trainers at the Civil Service College, helping the statutory board curate staff writing and public policy suites. He trains government officers in the formulation of case studies, proposals, reports, minutes and official replies. He is a consultant to Ministries, statutory boards and major corporations in Singapore and the region on policy and organizational development. He was the Editorial Trainer at the School of Journalism.

He was also a Resource Panel Chairman at RMIT University, Desk Editor at The Straits Times, D/Director in the Defence Policy Office (Mindef) and Resource Panelist at the University of London. His professional record included award-winning commentaries as a journalist; and representing the Singapore Government at international arms and peacekeeping conferences at UN meetings and ASEAN seminars.


Minute writing poses a great challenge to many writers. It is not simply recording what has been said in the boardroom or summarizing the key points. It is about making the narrative cogent yet simple. Making facts factual yet not offending any member. It is about understanding the nuances and appreciating the various dispositions.

Let Dr Sunny show you how to write with great accuracy yet without sounding too laborious.

Most importantly, let every member go away from the meeting being clear about their roles and follow-up actions.

This workshop will empower you with the knowledge of avoiding common errors and blind spots, and teach you to take notes that are clear and concise.


  1. The Qualities of a Minute-Taker​

  2. The Qualities of Minutes

  3. The Qualities of the Systems Approach


  1. Secretaries and Staff Officers who write minutes for all kinds of meetings at all levels.

  2. Even the occasional note-taker minuting the annual meeting will benefit from the writing pointers shared by our writing coach