Tactical Conflict Communication

Date: 29 July 2020

Duration : 14:00 – 17:00



Effective communication does not just involve words but also observational skills. While good communication is essential for efficient and frictionless day-to-day work, it does not get the recognition it deserves.

Tactical communication is a way of using communication skills to deal with conflict and to resolve it. This course addresses the key principles of effective communication and how these can be utilised to prevent a conflict arising and to be able to diffuse a conflict.

Timothy Graham Taylor

With over 30 years of experience as a trainer, police officer and tactical advisor, Timothy Taylor has a range of specialist knowledge, including conflict management, assessing behavioural triggers during incidents, and counter-terrorist search.

Timothy Taylor Picture.jpg

Learning objective

  • Tactical Communication Skills 

       Discussion on the types of communication we           use and how to avoid misinterpretation, thereby         diffusing conflict and managing the situation.

  • Conflict Resolution Model

       A decision-making model that helps to develop           the professional judgement to make effective             decisions.

  • De-escalation Strategies

       This is where we will introduce the harmful but           common problems that occur in           

       communications which leads to a cycle of 

       conflict. We will teach effective listening and

       various strategies at handling confrontation and

       resolving differences.