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Lie Detection for non experts

Date: 6th July 2018

Venue: M Hotel Singapore


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The ability to detect lies is vital for professionals whose job requires them to ascertain truth, such as CFOs, HR manager, auditors, investigator, etc.

In this course, participants will be invited to read and inter­pret various body language and facial expression, and detect potential deception through spotting incongruent body language and facial expressions. 

Mr. Lim Teck King

Certified Fraud Examiner

Certified Internal Auditor

Certified Systems Investigator

Certified Compliance & Ethical Professional

Teck King LIM is a result orientated finance professional with more than 20 years of experience across Asia Pacific region. He is experienced and skilled in the areas of controllership, US GAAP, IFRS, SOX compliance, financial reporting, taxation, budgeting, internal controls improvements and ERP (Oracle) implementation. Teck King is also accustomed to working with cross cultural environment and has demonstrated regional finance leadership in varied industries including acquisitions and integration.


Teck King started his career in public accounting firms namely Ernst & Young, Malaysia and Deloitte, Singapore. Thereafter, he progressed to the US MNCs in the areas of technology, semiconductor, marine construction, data center, and health care and water infrastructure. 

•CFO I Finance Managers I Accountants I HR Managers •Auditors I Forensic Auditor I Control and Compliance Officers Regulatory Agency Staff I Loss Prevention and Fraud Prevention Officer I Risk Manager