Risk Management

Financial Data Analytics

Date: 19th January 2018

Venue: Rendezvous Hotel


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Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statement is a technical hands-on program in which you will receive comprehensive instruction on accounting and economics aspects of financial analysis that evaluate the credit quality of companies. After discussion of the theory and real world aspects of understanding the limitations of financial statements, the course moves to interpretation, where you will follow the lead of the instructor in building your own techniques in performing the interpretation of financial statements. As the course progresses, you will perform more work on an independent basis using case studies to assess various kinds of risk. The general idea is to help organizations define financial goals, develop business plans and monitor costs and revenue during execution.


Certified Fraud Examiner

ACFE Regent Emeritus

Tommy is a person you want to meet. Not just because of his life accomplishments. At his age, it. means absolutely nothing to him.

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