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We are committed to protecting the non-public and personal information of our customers, employees, and business partners:


  • we commit to satisfy applicable requirements related to information security;


  • we commit to the continual improvement of our information security management system.


Information gathered by REL Alliance, necessary to carry out the training of our customers, is used solely for the purposes of performing the training and shared only with those authorities, bodies, or agencies who require this information to issue certification essential to the training:


  • we will never ask for more information of personal nature than strictly needed to perform the customer’s training;


  • no profiling is done based on provided information;


  • no automated decision making is done based on personal data;


  • we will never pass on personal information to third parties unless we are legally required to do so;


  • personal information is never sold or used for commercial purposes;


  • we abide by the privacy laws in effect in the countries in which we conduct business;


  • customers receive an information privacy notice at first contact;


  • our employees are expressly instructed to not disclose any information of personal nature they obtain during their work to any outside parties, and sanctions may apply if this instruction is broken;


We implement and maintain strict protection protocols in data communication.

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