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The Importance of a Tenancy Agreement

In 2021, a new Code of Conduct for fair tenancy practices was introduced in response to the

long-standing issues between landlords and tenants which had bubbled over during the height

of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time in Singapore, landlords and tenants have a set of

comprehensive guidelines to facilitate fair tenancy practices.

How will the new Code of Conduct impact existing and future tenancy agreements? Does its

introduction signal new laws to ensure compliance? Tenancy practices in Singapore are

changing, and it has become clear that the role of tenancy agreements is more important than


A tenancy agreement is a contract between a tenant and landlord, and it is essential for

protecting the legal rights of both parties. By establishing and agreeing upon a set of

obligations, both parties are clear about what is expected of them. This effectively minimizes

disputes and causes conflict, forming a solid foundation for a successful long-term tenancy


The new Code of Conduct introduces a list of new guidelines relating to retail tenants. More

specifically, it requires tenants and landlords to comply with new guidelines regarding rent

structure, exclusivity clauses, and sales performance clauses. Hence, it is absolutely essential

to have a clear understanding of these changes and how they might impact a tenancy

agreement. Without a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the tenancy

agreement, tenant and landlord are vulnerable to misinterpretation and misunderstandings

which leave room for disputes or termination.

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